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Intensifying Cooperation Between Publishers Along the "Belt And Road”

2017-03-08 14:12:39
by Tan Yue

China raised the initiative of jointly building the Silk Road Economic Belt and the 21st Century Maritime Silk Road (hereinafter referred to as the Belt and Road Initiative) in 2013, which has already attracted unanimously welcome from countries along the Belt and Road. So far, over 100 countries and international organizations have participated in the initiative and more than 30 countries signed the agreement of cooperation on the joint development of the Belt and Road.


In recent years, China Publishing Group has continued to strengthen its cooperation with publishers from countries along the Belt and Road. Cultural exchanges in this direction have become the strategic focus of the Group’s international development. In 2015, we signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the Arab Publishers Association.


In 2016, we invited representatives of the 16 Central and Eastern European countries to attend BIBF as guests of honor. We believe that the Belt and Road initiative has provided a good opportunity and we are committed to further expanding cross-border cooperation.


International publishing cooperation starts with the production of content. China Publishing Group has fully utilized its brand effect and leading position in content innovation, carefully studied the unique cultural needs of countries along intensifying cooperation between publishers along the “Belt and Road” by Tan Yuepresident of China Publishing Group Corporation. the Belt and Road published a large number of outstanding books featuring the modern interpretation of traditional Chinese culture and academic analysis of China’s development path. Among them, "Medieval China and Sogdian Culture" by SDX Joint Publishing Company, "Essays on the History of the Western Regions" and the "Hui Ethnic Group in Ming and Qing Dynasties", "Language Situations in the Countries along the Belt and Road", and the“Road of Silk and China” series by the Commercial Press, and "Rest in Peace", "Beautiful Lakes and Mountains", and the“Silk Road” book series by the Sino-Culture Press are most welcome by readers from countries along the Belt and Road.


In 2016, we translated and published the first installment of the Chinese Entrepreneur Series, the Sino-Indian Classic and Contemporary Works Series. The Cooperative Project with Britain-based Thames and Hudson Publishers also yield concrete fruits. Other works worth mentioning included Lou Yulie’s Fundamental Spirit of Chinese Culture and William Engdahl’s One Belt, One Road–China and the New Eurasian Century. In 2017, we will further launch the Belt and Road Series.


International publishing cooperation is mainly realized through copyright cooperation. The many publishing companies under China Publishing Group have launched hundreds of cooperation programs with countries along the Belt and Road through copyright trading in the areas of literature, humanities and history, etc. We have especially strengthened our cooperation with publishers from Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Serbia, Turkey, Egypt, India, Pakistan and other countries. Such cooperation has effectively promoted people-to-people bonds, mutual learning between civilizations and further cultural exchanges.


Through copyright management, trading, and multi-dimensional development, China Publishing Group has expanded its cooperation with counterparts along the Belt and Road and beyond. We have secured our copyright reservoir through regular copyright clearance and renewal. We have signed major domestic authors, bought out the copyright, and upgraded our service. We have tried to expand our overseas agency rights to cover more languages, more regions, more publishing mediums and more types of books. We have promoted the overseas production of publishing content through customized orders, copyright agreements, and international agency arrangements with major foreign authors.


We plan to launch more translation projects between countries based on the present cooperation programs to translate Chinese and foreign classical works. We plan to translate Chinese dictionaries and other language-learning materials into more languages and produce more versions on the basis of existing dictionaries and with the support of language teaching centers.


We pay close attention to the development of products with independent intellectual property rights and the use of derivative rights, such as the right of adaptation, reproduction, and Internet distribution of major works. We will expand the sources of the same copyright content to include more lingual versions and promote the publication of major products on multi-medium platforms.


We also pay close attention to the overseas film and television reproduction of literary works and plan to strength the development of popular cultural products on multi-medium platforms. We will further expand the forms of presentation so that exhibitions, concerts, and online download apps, etc. can all become platforms for our music and art products.


In order to realize our development goal for the next five years, i.e. to become a world renowned publisher, China Publishing Group is willing to engage in more cooperation programs with our counterpart from along the Belt and Road and beyond and produce more materials for our readers, a systematic project that should be jointly built through consultation to meet the interests of all.


At the same time, we also look forward to more diversified, expanded, and effective cooperation with publishing agencies from around the world, a process that will not only benefit our own development but also enhance cultural exchanges, friendships among countries, and exchanges among major civilizations.

2017-03-08 14:12:39
by Tan Yue


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