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Remarks at London International Publishing Forum

2017-06-12 09:28:16
by Yuanna Dou

Jacks Thomas

Director of the London Book Fair


Ladies and gentlemen, may I extend my warm welcome to the 46th London Book Fair.


China has a multiple cultural backdrop, composed of different racial components and overall cultural landscape. It is a fast-changing and extraordinary country.


The cooperation between China and international states has been greatly admired. We can all be benefited it from The Belt and Road Strategy, and I always feel enormous privilege to be able to witness this in the first hand. Books are bridges. They link different cultures and continents.


Books are essential to cultural diffusion and intimate contact of the world. The more we know about each other, the greater cooperation between China and the world, and the world and China we will have.


I am the Director of London Book Fair and thank you for your participation and wish you enjoy the book fair.


Thank you.

2017-06-12 09:28:16
by Yuanna Dou


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