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Transformation and Cooperation in the Publishing World

2017-06-08 09:37:40
by Yuanna Dou

Li Pengyi 

Vice President of Publishers Association of China

Good afternoon. I am so happy to get together with you once again, my old friends of many years, at The 2017 London Book Fair. I am also grateful to you for taking time from your busy schedules to join me at this seminar, which gives us, the Chinese publishers, the opportunities to learn from you, renowned and accomplished publishers from around the world. Please give us all the valuable tips, and the keys to your successes, so that when we return to China we will be wiser, brighter, have a better sense of humor, and better publishers for our country.


But before the discussions begin at this seminar, let me declare the debut of the PAC’s mouthpiece, the International Publishing Journal, to the global village of publishers. As you can see from the inaugural issue on your desk now, this monthly journal will provide a platform for Chinese publishers to join you on a monthly basis in observing, from a global point of view, what’s going on in the publishing industry today, including its hot spots and focal points, changes, trends, opportunities, challenges, so on so forth. This journal will also keep our international readers informed about the situation in the Chinese publishing market.


Here I’d like to convey our thanks to the IPA and my friends: Michiel Kolman, Richard Charkin, Y.S. Chi, Jose Borghino, Derk Haank, Chris Paterson, Jeremy Dieguez, Peter Phillips, Alexander Broich, and Angus Phillips among others. Without your help and support, we are not able to launch the journal or hold this seminar.


Ours is an ever-changing world, and a subversive one at that. People’s reading and learning habits are changing with the ongoing technological revolution. Traditional industries are being upgraded with the emergence of new media and technology. Under these circumstances, publishing and media businesses around the world are branching out into new territories, exploring new strategic vintage points, and striving for new competitiveness.


The Belt and Road strategy calls for peace, exchange, mutual understanding and accommodation, collaboration, and a win-win situation. Such a strategy offers new market opportunities to China’s cultural undertakings. To avail ourselves of such opportunities, our publishers and media operators have got to tap into the potentials of our cultural heritage, and play a better role in the dialogue between civilizations and collaboration with the global market.


The International Publishing Journal is, indeed, born of a most opportune time. We are also honored to have you as our first readers. Your field of vision is bound to influence the future of Chinese publishing. Your broad-mindedness shall help Chinese publishing to pursue loft goals. Your magnanimity shall impact the quality of Chinese publishing. And your ways of thinking shall shape its future!


With all these prospects in mind, we shall cater our plans to the general trend of the publishing industry and rise to the occasion. Taking stock of the world today, we are ready to discover and spread in the international publishing and media markets. Confronted with the torrential sea of information, we are willing to exploit it and set things to order. Relying on quality information, broad vision, and professionalism in tapping the value of data, the International Publishing Journal is determined to present the dynamic global and Chinese publishing industries.


We shall adapt ourselves to the general trend, and seize its momentum to improve our journal. As China’s first publication to feature international publishing, the International Publishing Journal shall provide a platform on which information on Chinese and international publishing industry is collected and shared, vast amount of data and quality reading experience are offered to facilitate concept changes and innovative transformation of the Chinese publishing industry.


So much for my introductory notes on the International Publishing Journal. Please read the copy presented to you in this room, and take it when you go away. Your supports and contributions to the journal will be much appreciated. Thank you.

2017-06-08 09:37:40
by Yuanna Dou


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