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Copyrights: the Driving Force of Innovation

2017-05-26 09:01:25
by Yuanna Dou

Richard Charkin

Immediate Past President of the IPA

Executive Director of Bloomsbury


Chinese publishing has always been a significant part of international publishing world, as globalization brings opportunities and challenges to this industry and China witnessed all of the changes.

Worldwide book and journal publishing is larger than all other creative sector industries, such as television, movies, computer games and etc. Moreover, the original product, the physical book and journal, shows no sign of diminishing in attractiveness. We have been through the digital transformation, and it is overwhelmingly positive for writers as the world’s publishers have embraced technology and use it to supplement their print activities.

As the concept of culture is reinforced in international publishing, it is believed that understanding and communication are the way of overcoming mistakes and barriers.

Copyrights, the most powerful enabler of creativity, have shown themselves to be both strong and adaptable. Meanwhile, copyrights worldwide meet some threats, some of which generated by legal restraints, while others presented by technology companies which regard copyrights as a barrier.

For publishers, what we are proud of is that we understand the centrality of the author and the need to focus on ever better author service. Our industry does not depend on government patronage or fickle sponsorship – it depends on people buying our products because they are essential or entertaining or educational, which is a far more sustainable and forthright business model.

International publishing is in good vibrant health with more opportunities than threats and a brilliant entrepreneurial work force. Publishers are supposed to dream on, fight on, learn from the mistakes, and try to make our products profitable. 

2017-05-26 09:01:25
by Yuanna Dou


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