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2016 Frankfurt Book Fair

2017-03-13 11:29:27
by ipubl

In October 23, the fifth day of the 68th session of the Frankfurt International Book Fair ended.

Every year in October, from the world's authors, booksellers, technology providers, readers are gathered in the Main River, in the world's largest publishing trade and information platform to exchange, explore and share.

"This is what we share (which is what we want to share)" is the theme of this year's Frankfurt Book Fair. In this regard, Heinrich Riethmler, chairman of the German Publishers and Bookers Association, said: "This sentence applies not only to the guest of this year's book fair, the Netherlands and Flanders, more applicable to every publisher in the world. In fact, What should we share with us? What is what we are talking about? What will we share with the world in the future? "It is noteworthy that this year's book host is not a single country, but a language culture The region - the Netherlands and the northern part of Belgium, the Dutch region of the Dutch region, embodies the bookstore so that people overcome the geographical barriers, and thus focus on the common meaning of the deep.

The number of exhibitors has risen for two consecutive years

According to the Frankfurt Book Fair News Office, this year's book fair attracted more than 7 countries from more than 7100 exhibitors attended, a total of 277,000 people attended the book fair's professional field and public places, compared with 27.5791 million last year has increased. During the show, more than 600 writers from around the world participated in about 4,000 activities. In the professional field, the number of publishers this year has reached 14.23 million, an increase of 1.3% compared with 14.0474 million in 2015.

Beginning in 2015, the number of exhibitors in Frankfurt has been rising for two consecutive years and has reversed the downward trend over the past decade. Looking back on the past year, the impact of the global recession has spread to the publishing industry since 2009, and the number of exhibitors in the field has dropped by at least 6%.

Book Fair first "Arts +"

As one of the highlights of this book fair, the Frankfurt Book Fair has pioneered the "Art +" series of activities, focusing on the business opportunities brought by the forefront of digital technology for the cultural and artistic industries in the form of meetings, salons and so on. A new culture and entrepreneurial industry center.

In the "Art +" series of activities, publishers, technology companies and creative cultural institutions to the museum, architectural design agencies, brand manufacturers to show the latest innovative ideas. As technology plays an important role in the development of cultural and creative industries, technologies such as artificial intelligence, 3D printing in the field of architecture and fashion, virtual reality in museums and urban design are frequently debated in Art +.

Juergen Boos, Chairman of the Frankfurt International Book Fair, is very satisfied with the effect of "Art +" in the book fair for five days. "Art + has achieved the desired effect in every respect as we expected," he stressed. + "Is that it highlights the relevance of intellectual property in the global media industry.

Create more opportunities for communication and cooperation

This year marks the third year of the Business Club in Frankfurt, where 45 business events were held during the five days of the book fair, attracting 3,400 participants from 74 countries, compared to 3200 in 2015 Has improved. Juergen Boos believes that this year the role of business clubs is growing, "the purpose of the business club is to attract those who do not have the publishing industry practitioners, who are very much hope that through the business club to find and found the opportunity." The future, Frankfurt Book Fair will continue to expand the business club, and will continue to explore more forms of activities to further serve more and more small publishing houses and start-up companies.

In addition, this year's Frankfurt Book Fair another positive change is also reflected in the off-site. Before the opening of the book fair, the Book Fair Organizing Committee in the vicinity of the Convention and Exhibition Center specifically for the publishers to increase the exchange of space, next year, such off-site exchange space will continue to extend.

Features show positive interactive multi-party cooperation

It is understood that the Chinese pavilion from the 72 units from the country's 152 representatives, more than 1,000 kinds of publications on display, and during the book fair held a variety of forms of exchange activities. According to preliminary statistics, the Chinese pavilions in this year's book fair reached a total of nearly 2,000 copyright cooperation intention, covering literature, science, education, children and other fields.

To China Publishing Group, for example, as the Chinese publishing industry, "national team", in the group from the beginning of 2011 to set up an independent stand in Frankfurt and unified delegation to participate in the exhibition. This year, the group exhibition area of 72 square meters, the People's Literature Publishing House, Commercial Press, China Encyclopedia Publishing House and other 13 publishers were published books 393, 596, more comprehensive reflection of the contemporary Chinese economy, Political, legal and cultural development.

At the exhibition, the China Pavilion also planned the original Chinese painting exhibition, focused on displaying the original Chinese painting works, and jointly explore the prospects of Chinese children's picture creation, and how to the original works of outstanding to the world. In addition, the Chinese pavilion is another highlight of the planning of various forms of traditional cultural and artistic activities, attracting a large number of foreign exhibitors and readers.

France became the next year's book exhibition host country

On October 23, at the handover ceremony of the book fair, the Frankfurt Organizing Committee officially announced that France became the guest house of the Frankfurt Film Fair in 2017, which was again after 1989, France was again honored. French officials say France, like Germany, wants young people in Europe to continue to face the world in an open posture, and French has gone beyond borders as French literature is translated into more than 40 languages.

It is reported that the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Development and the French Ministry of Culture and Communications commissioned the French Cultural Center coordination and implementation of the relevant work, the French Cultural Center has set up the organizing committee, and with the National Book Center, the French Embassy in Germany and the relevant departments in close cooperation , Planning host country activities.

2017-03-13 11:29:27
by ipubl


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